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Prognosticators, visionaries, handicappers and masters of time travel into the future to see the final scores before first pitch, tip-off or kickoff!Well, ALMOST!
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Q: Is 2Halves2Win for me?

A: Yes… that is, unless you are in a situation where you are unable to dial into a book quickly.  We oftentimes will send a 2nd half pick out (hence the name of our site – 2Halves2Win), PLUS we might be in a position where we are waiting until a few minutes before the start of a game to confirm certain injuries, line moves, etc.

Q: How much notice should I expect to receive my pick before gametime/halftime?

A: No LESS than 10 minutes.  Oftentimes more than that – even MUCH more than that.  OTOH, we’re not the perfect handicapping service for you if that isn’t enough time for you.

Q: I value my privacy and I hate being spammed by handicappers!  Will you respect these core beliefs of mine?

A: As much as we’d love to spam y0u for more business, we hate being spammed as much as you do.  At THE MOST – we MIGHT send you a “Look how we’re doing now!” text or email (ONCE!) but no, we don’t spam…well, at least beyond that.  Our credit card processor is 100% secure and private also.  Nobody’s gonna steal your $HIT from US…guaranteed!

Q: I believe THOROUGHLY that dinosaur bones were laid upon the Earth by God to test our faith and the Earth is only 4,000 years old.  Do you guys share my beliefs?

A: We cannot tell a lie…NO!!!  See your nearest shrink ASAP!!!

Q: I’m seeking the world’s best handicapping service.  Is that you guys?

A: No.  We’re very, VERY good though.  Add the fact we’re cheap as hell and almost always winners in the end, you can’t beat our Return on Investment (ROI) for the price.

Q: I’m hoping to become very, VERY rich betting on sports…is that possible?

A: Laughing our frikking A$$ES off at this one!!!  We are as good as ANYONE at beating the books.  That said, our average ROI is about 16% on all of our handicapped sports.  That means by the end of one of our seasons, a $1.oo per game bettor made $1.6o for the year.  Our $100.00 bettors made $1600.00 on the season.  Our $1,000,000.00 bettors made $1.6 million.  OK, we don’t have $MILLION dollar betters, but that’s how this stuff works.  That said, it is TECHNICALLY possible to become wealthy betting…it would involve some billionaire who loves sports betting so much and US so much, he/she is willing to bet a $MILLION per game and split the profits down the middle.  Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, right?  We are open-minded if you happen to be a billionaire though.


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